Join The Silicon Gardens

VC track built

by founders for founders

Silicon Gardens is run by founders who’ve operated, scaled and sold their own tech companies. Our mission is to help the next generation of ambitious entrepreneurs build 10-times bigger companies.

We primarily focus on entrepreneurs from Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia but welcome pitch submissions from the CEE region or elsewhere in Europe. We have strong connections to top VC funds in Europe and the US.

Our 100+ investors are successful entrepreneurs with diverse expertise and a rich network of connections, and our community of hundreds of fellow founders and entrepreneurs can help you solve problems they’ve solved themselves.

Investment areas

B2B SaaS


Mobile Apps & Games

Innovative D2C Products

Initial ticket size

€100k – €1m

We invest in

Pre-seed & Seed stage startups

We know pitching can be intimidating, and we have good news for you: we don’t bite.

We are happy to talk to you, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put together the best submission possible. We always appreciate the effort!

In return, we can’t promise we will invest, but we pledge you will get an expert scan, orientation and actionable feedback, as well as exclusive Silicon Gardens community access.

Therefore, read the suggestions below and reach out with conviction. We are here to listen and support.


Get your pitch deck ready and carefully fill in the application form.

Even if you are very early on, putting extended thought and effort into a pitch deck will pay dividends. By it, you will answer key questions about your business, including information on product, market, competition, team and roadmap. Make sure you make it concise and visually appealing.

Please take your time with the application. Answer all the mandatory questions with care. You will help us help you better. We will not ask you everything in the application, though. We saved some key questions for the 30-minute intro call. Read below to learn more.


Prepare for the Intro Call.

On the call, we will ask you a few essential questions. We advise you to formulate your answers in advance. 

  • What problem have you identified, and how are you solving it?
  • Why are you (and your team) the best suited to introduce this solution to the world?
  • In 10 years, the startup has grown beyond all your expectations. How do you imagine it?

If you are having a difficult time providing good answers to these questions, it might be reasonable to revisit and rethink the foundations of your business.