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Silicon Gardens started already back in 2010 when the first wave of startup entrepreneurs, with Boštjan Špetič and Andraž Tori from Zemanta at the helm, started organising informal meetings (in Bikofe and Kiberpipa) to share knowledge and experience. After some of them successfully exited their business, they decided to set up a micro fund to support community also money-wise. In addition, Silicon Gardens also started analysing Slovenian startup ecosystem, publishing data in Dealbook and Infographics.

INVESTORS in SGF I FUND (2014-2016)

The Fund’s main investors were entrepreneurs from the region. In addition, some established U.S. investors who believe in the potential of the region joined the fund.

Andraž Tori Zemanta d.o.o. (cofounder)
Borut Rismal CHS d.o.o., Založba Pasadena d.o.o. (cofounder)
Brad Feld Foundry Group
Darko Butina BUDS svetovanje d.o.o.
Fred Wilson Union Square Ventures
Gregor Rebolj Sportradar AS, Klika d.o.o. (cofounder)
Jerry Colonna Life/business coach
Jugoslav Petković (cofounder of
Paul Vidich Reverbnation, Betaworks (former Executive at Warner & AOL)
Peter Ribarič HRM d.o.o. (cofounder)
Zvone Jagodic Nepremicnine Novi Forum d.o.o. (cofounder of
Zvone Malnar (cofounder of Gora Informacijske rešitve d.o.o.)
Darko Dujič
Damijan Merlak cofounder of BitStamp, worlds leading bitcoin exchange
Andrej Bratko cofounder of Klika and Director of Mobile Gaming at Sportradar AG
Boštjan Špetič evangelist of regional startup community and a cofounder of Zemanta
Lado Črnologar private investor and a cofounder of Mimovrste d.o.o.
Tilen Travnik COO of D.Labs, a web application development and internet business development company
Enetel Solutions d.o.o., Serbia local privately owned, systems integrator that has started angel investing