We are investing in seed and early stage startups with tickets starting at 50.000€. Tickets can go up to 500.000€ and individual angels are prepared to co-invest.


We are interested into startups with proven market traction or minimal viable product that know their target group and are ready to make the next move.



Our main  aim is to support the local startup ecosystem, but we are always willing to go the extra mile for exceptional startups. 


We know it is not only about the idea but about the people that will bring it to life. We believe in driven and passionate individuals with a vision.


Since July 2023 Silicon Gardens Fund III is helping the next generation of ambitious entrepreneurs build 10x larger companies.


Ohana’s easy-to-use parental control app helps parents raise healthy digital natives. We provide parents with the tools and guidance they need to protect their kids online and create a healthy digital routine for them, all while respecting their privacy. Ultimately, Ohana empowers parents to guide their children toward safe and responsible online behavior.


Daytona, the enterprise-grade GitHub Codespaces alternative, is a secure, scalable and standardized Development Environment Management platform. It supports Dev Containers and seamlessly integrates with any IDE or Git provider.

The unique value of Daytona is that you can self-host it on your infrastructure and benefit from high-density workspaces which offer efficient resource utilization while ensuring a great developer experience.


Zenhire is a Provider of a Web-based hiring process automation platform. The company provides pre-employment software for the third-party recruitment industry for integrating and automating the hiring workflow process.


extrakt.AI is a tool that uses AI to extract data from, build templates and automate order processes.

Insider CX

InsiderCX is a patient experience platform used by private healthcare providers to monitor quality, prevent patient churn and ensure better treatment outcomes.

Final Offer

Final Offer is a platform for top real estate agents to provide a more transparent offer and negotiating process.

Bible Chat

Bible Chat, the leading Christianity app, invites you on a transformative journey into the world of Bible study and Bible discussions. Delve deep into Bible chats and unravel the mysteries of the Holy Bible in the language of your heart.


Curoflow is a health-tech SaaS company (B2B) that improves the patient experience and eases the workload for healthcare professionals. Founded in late 2020 and currently present across six countries in Europe, Curoflow seeks to improve healthcare world-wide. Acting as an operating system, enabling patient engagement, and streamlining internal workflows on a completely new level.

OTA Sync

OTA Sync is a full cloud-based hotel & property management system with integrated channel manager and booking engine system.


Since November 2019 Silicon Gardens Fund II has invested in 25 startups.  

Blub Blub

Blub Blub Inc. helps parents uncover their child’s potential by providing the highest quality screen time out there. They are a fast-growing subscription business that started in the speech and language development niche and will become a top-tier player in the children’s digital app market by 2022.


Influee is an influencer marketing and content creation platform. It connects brands with influencers and enables them to collaborate in an easy way.


Mediately is the leading digital directory of drugs on mobile phones in the region, used by doctors.


Coherence is on a mission is to democratize online games by supporting the creation of massively scalable and persistent virtual worlds for studios of any size. Tight editor integration with Unity and other game engines will make it easy for developers to add multiplayer connectivity to their games.


Mimo is a platform that teaches app-making, website-building, hacking, and more in a fun and effective way — online or on the go. How it works: Mimo brings topics that normally fill books, classes, and video sessions into bite-size lessons that don’t take longer than a minute to complete and, therefore, work anytime and anywhere.


Bird Buddy is an AI powered smart bird feeder that rejuvenates a traditional concept and enables daily bite-sized connections with nature any time, anywhere! It notifies you of your feathered visitors, captures their photos and organizes them in a beautiful collection that is easy to admire and share.


Juicy Marbles are a food-tech startup deploying a patented and scalable printing-like production process to create plant-based steaks with hyper-realistic texture and an almost indistinguishable aroma.


Flower and Spice is a high-performance premium natural skincare brand. Each formulation is created using only botanicals of the finest quality, ensuring that the products nurture the skin and elevate the mood. The brand’s mission is to create potent and efficacious products and epitomize that skincare is not just about beauty but a part of general well-being.


Securities Grid is a white-label asset tokenization platform for financial institutions. Financial institutions (banks) can now offer a digital ownership management solution to their corporate customers, thus generating a new sticky revenue stream.


The tasq.ai Platform empowers Data Science and ML teams to easily break down a scenery in an image or video into a seamless WorkFlow of multiple micro-tasks. These microtasks are routed to our Tasqers for labeling and you enjoy clear visibility & transparency of the Data at all stages, and are in full control for the Quality, Scale and Cost parameters of the projects. The Platform also enables the aggregation of all micro-tasking results into complete and validated invaluable datasets.


57hours app connects clients and mountain guides. Its mission is to make it easy for anyone to enjoy the great outdoors with the company of expert, local guides. With 57hours you can seamlessly discover expert guides and book amazing adventures throughout the US and in select international destinations at your convenience. No matter the season, no matter the skill level, there’s an adventure for everyone with 57hours.


Katalys lives at the intersection of performance marketing, technology, content, and commerce. While our goal is to find the omniwin for all our stakeholders, we’re constantly looking for new ways to add value, especially through tech-enabled products and services. Katalys is a result of a successful merger between RevOffers and 1o.

Notey's world

Notey Inc is a team of Grammy-nominated, UX/UI award-winning music lovers and developers who are creating a music education mobile game where users control the game by singing or playing a real instrument. We help modernize music learning by implementing exciting gaming elements into traditional practice, thereby solving the 90% first-year attrition of 1.3B music learners globally.


At WiseEd we are solving the problem of an old-fashioned, unmotivating, and rigid school system resulting in inefficient learning, with a proprietary educational system, consisting of formal education (edTech platform) and informal education (social media). Students say it’s like Netflix for school. 


Beeping is a tech-enabled platform to help people and their family members stay independent while living securely and happily at home. Slovenia–based company brings workforce management and technology expertise together with high-touch, personalized care to improve the in-home care experience.

Dispo Market

The Slovenia-based startup connects the transport industry players via a smart plugin, enabling transport companies better utilize their existing digital tools. Most notable improvements in daily work come as higher monthly revenue per truck, faster and less stressful workdays, and lower operating costs.

Dispo Market is a team of three growth-oriented and experienced engineers Nikola Balaban, Marko Balažic, and Tadej Bukovec.


Cadro is a technology-driven investment management company headquartered in London, investing globally. With plain language and a highly experienced investment team, we aim to create confident and excited investors. We enable clients to invest today in the businesses that will define tomorrow, delivering this service through our market-leading app. As your investment team works behind the scenes, we offer a platform to track your wealth. We combine this with tailored content keeping you up-to-date on markets, but, more importantly, on how market events affect your portfolio.


DocsCube is a no-code platform that automates document generation within minutes and reduces tedious repetitive tasks. The solution empowers teams to create, standardize and streamline daily document operations.


Popsy is a no-code website builder for creators. It features a Notion-like interface, one-click publishing and free illustrations and icons. With Popsy, creators without coding or design skills can get their personal websites up and running in minutes.


Turneo is focused on connecting travel sellers with tour organizers, enabling both to grow their businesses. We aim for our infrastructure to make it accessible for anyone to sell tours and experiences.


Chime is a revolutionary platform provider of home care services making care more accessible and improving quality of life.

Our secret sauce is putting people first!

Our mission: Taking away all the pain from finding and managing home care to make sure your loved ones are always cared for.


Muffin is an intuitive web and mobile app for the hospitality industry designed to digitize the process of F&B acceptance, automate data entry into ERP/POS system, and simplify stock counting through its user-friendly swiping interface.

Our partners can say goodbye to manual data processing and enjoy the benefits of automation!


Munch is a food management platform intended for restaurants, bakeries, hotels, supermarkets, and other stores to sell their surplus food. The company’s platform helps restaurants offer a simple service to make food management sustainable from an environmental, social, and economic point of view, enabling clients to reduce food waste and also profitable losses.

sgf i investments

In our first fund Silicon Gardens Fund I (2014 -2016) we have invested into ten startups, we exited one in 2021, two more in 2022, and three of them are still growing. 


Mediately is the leading digital directory of drugs on mobile phones in the region, used by doctors.


Eurosender is empowering companies to create their own digital logistics department.


PricePilot is a Business Management Platform for hairdressers and any other beauty & wellness service.